WooCommerce – Display Category Image

// This will verify that this is a product category page if (is_product_category()){ global $query; // Getting the query object $category = $query->get_queried_object(); // Geting the thumbnail id user the…

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Adding Categories inside the footer

Categories : – Utilizing WordPress and filled every one of the spaces in sidebar and route with various widgets or content substance, And finding no space for Categories! No stresses,…

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What is Wordpress

What is WordPress?

WordPress : What is WordPress? WordPress is web distributing programming you can use to make your own site or blog. Since it was discharged in 2003, WordPress has turned out…

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How to install WordPress

WordPress, The five steps to install WordPress… Installing WordPress is not that difficult task all you have to follow few steps to install it Download the latest version of WordPress…

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List of all wordpress important plugins

wordpress important plugins if you guys wants to know most important plugins of wordpress then this article is only for you. Using plugins at the right time in you wordpress…

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