Good way to consume creatine

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What is Creatine
Good way to consume creatine : – All the functions of our body needs energy to work, This enery is simply called ATP (adenosine and three phosphate).
So if we are talking about creatine, it’s a molecule which supply energy. When you follow creatine supplementation you expect incresing of body weight, strength increase, power increase, this things absolutely happens while taking creatine.

How creatine works ??
When taking creating it pulls water in your muscle cells as it pulls water in muscle cells, your muscle cells swallow, which promote anabolic state of cells/ More Protein synthesis.
Anabolic State :- When cells take energy from body to repair itself and to gain size that called anabolic state.

How to take creatine –
Creatine is a nitrogenous substances which works in 2 cycles, 4 Week cycle and 9 week cycle.
There is phase of taking creatine, if you are taking creatine first time then accoring to experts you need to load creatine- loading creatines in your cells, so your muscle is saturated whenever it’s needed. now you need to know how much creatine needed for loading phase?

One Month Creatine Cycle
To load a creatine you need 15gm of creatine in a day – consecutives 4 days
5gm – After Breakfast
5gm – After Lunch
5gm – Before Workout

Rest 26 Days you need to take creatine 5gm before workout.

Stop Taking Creatine after a Cycle
After following one month cycle of taking creatine, you need to stop taking creatine for a 2 weeks minimum or it can be 3 weeks and then you can start taking creatine again.

Brands – No loading phase of creatine
In the market there are few brands of creatine which doesn’t required loading phase of creatine.

Brands – Requires loading phase of creatine
1. On
2. Muscle Blaze

How much Water to Consumer While Taking Creatine
As we have talked before creatine store water in muscle cells, so you body needs plenty of water to drink so body functions can work normally, so now you think how much water to consume ?
It all depends on your body structure. if your weight and height is bigger you need more water.
Basically if your weight is 200lbs/90Kg then your body needs 3 to 4 ltr water per day minimum.

Is creatine Safe ??
There are many types of creatine in the market such as:-
Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine Ethyl Ester
Creatine HCL
Magnesium Creatine Chelate and many more

We was talking about Monohydrate creatine from the beginning of this article.
There is too many research on creatine from the 1990s, these research are only on Creatine Monohydrate.
You should choose only Creatine Monohydrate in comparison of other creatine.

if we are talking about safety then first of all you need to have knowledge of Kideny,
Kideny has a variable kidneynine which make sure if kidney is working fine or not, kideny problem, Kindey damage.
So as we take creatine there is a waste product creatinine that also same like kidneynine.
if it found high in level then it doesn’t mean you kidney is not safe.
if you have any problem with kidney, so please consult your doctor before taking creatine.

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