Heavy Weights vs Light Weights

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Heavy weights vs light weights:- Hello Guys, Today in this article i’m gonna tell you about lifting heavy weight or light weight, because today this question has asked by many guys, who just started going to the gym. so in this article going to discuss about techniques, mistakes.

Reps to Follow
First of all I’m gonna tell you about reps, how many reps you should follow at the Gym for muscle building.
Reps Range for Muscle Building – To build muscles you must follow

15-12-10 or 12-10-8
1 – 15 reps
2 – 12 reps
3 – 10 reps or
or you can follow below reps
1 – 12 reps
2 – 10 reps
3 – 8 reps

But many people at the Gym, They really don’t know about reps, most of them are beginners.
what they do, they follow extra reps range like 25 reps, 30 reps and more which is not really a good idea for muscle building. if you really wants to gain size and for muscle building keep your reps range 12-10-8 as discussed in this article above.

Guys at them Gym who lift heavy weight, they just don’t follow proper techniques
they just lift weight without techniques, lifting heavy weight without techniques only makes injury so you need to be careful, please ask your Gym trainer.

Who follows high reps ??
People who are bulky and weight they follow high reps range so their body can get tight & fit, these people can follow high reps because they need to burn calories to loose fat, after they can build their muscles.

How muscles growth ?
During workout at the gym by following heavy weights we breaks our muscles, that is breakdown of muscles. As we take diets after workout that time your muscles recover itself and grows, this is only possible when you lift heavy weight to break the muscle, light weight is just a waste of time and waste of money.
At the gym only guys who follow proper workout and proper nutrition they get proper result in body building.

How to get size increase
Now we are talking about lifting heavy weight or light weight, new guys at the gym follow light weight with extra reps for muscle building this really doesn’t work. if you want to increase muscle size keep weight heavy and reps should be low, so keep this in your mind follow only 12-10-8.

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