Reason of Ankle’s Pain

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Reason of Ankle’s Pain : These days ankle’s pain is common problem to everyone. when you wake up in the morning you feel so much pain in your ankle, you can’t even keep your ankle on the floor because it causes too much pain for you. but when you start walking slowly slowly the pain gets remove relatively.

Reason of Ankle’s pain
There are too many causes of ankle’s pain. but main cause of ankle’s pain is Plantar Fascia, this is the condition when inside the plantar fascia there is small injury, this injury cause ankle’s pain.

What is plantar fascia?? Plantar fascia acts like a layer which keep stick ankle and toe together

you can see in the above image how plantar fascia works. whenever you walk all the weight of your body puts on plantar fascia, because of too much weight on plantar fascia it gets small injury.

Why Plantar fasciitis take place??
The main cause of plantar fascia is faulty shoes. if you wear faulty shoe for example: soul of shoes is not flat, or soul is not uniform of leather shoes, because of this weight of body will not divide equally on plantar fascia and heel is prominent part so body weight stuck on heels and heel causes pain.
This pain mostly founds in ladies because they wear high heels.
Guys who walks a lot and go for running.
Guys who is overweight, weight of body is more than according to height.
It can be found on those people who has diabetes and uric acid problem.

How to get Relief from Ankle’s Pain
To get relief of this pain many guys prefer massage, this is only a temporary solution to remove pain.
what to do to get permanent pain relief? First of all you have to find reason of this pain inside your body.
1 – if you have sugar and uric acid problem then please take medicine after consulting your doctor, don’t take any medicine without consulting a doctor.
2 – if Weight is causing ankle’s pain then follow exercise which can help you loose your weight, follow proper diets what to eat please consult your physician.
3 – if you walk a lot and goes to gym, goes for running or runs on treadmill at the gym, so you stop running until
you get relief from you ankle’s pain. if you need to continue you walk because of your work then you need to buy a Air base sports shoes.

you can see in the above image there is a base of air inside the soul which works as sock absorver. this absorve all the weight of your body and instead of your heels, helps to remove pain in you ankel’s and also recover injury of plantar fascia.
Alternatively you can you a silicon pad inside your shoes.

this support your ankle because this is very soft for ankle helps to remove injury from plantar fascia as well.

Now we will talk about those guys who have not any problem like overweight, No Gym, No Running, No Walks but they still face the same problem.

What to do ?
All they need to follow some simple exercise to get relief from ankle’s pain.
1 – Stand an arm’s length from a wall.
2 – Take a Tennis ball and keep it under plantar fascia and start rolling.
3 – Ankle Rotation (Clockwise and Anti-clockwise)
4 – Ankle Flexion & Extension
5 – Ankle Inward and Outward Rotation
6 – Seated Ankle Stretch

Below is the image

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