What is ECR and non-ECR?

What is ECR and Non-ECR
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What is ECR and non-ECR : You more likely than not saw on the off chance that you have flown out abroad to any nation your travel permit is Stamped at the airplane terminal by the Officials. There exist two kinds of Stamps that can be put on somebody’s visa, essentially these stamps characterize the classification of that international ID. Right now there are two stamps or classes of Indian international ID which are as the Question states ECR and Non ECR. You more likely than not heard what ECR remains for i.e Emigration Check Required, the full type of ECR clarifies its importance which at whatever point an identification holder having ECR Category need to venture out outside of India to a portion of the Gulf Countries like UAE, Indonesia, Bahrain and so on (there are 18 such nations) for the sole reason for business or working there then the travel permit holder needs to experience the Protector of Emigrants (PoE) Department and must procure an Emigration Clearance Certificate from that division.

Presently for what reason do Emigration is important?


The ECR Category is given to just those Citizens who have no instructive capability or capability not as much as Class 10. The fundamental reason of Emigration Clearance Certificate is that these Illiterate nationals are told their rights in the remote nation with the goal that any misuse of these residents does not occur. Likewise to shield these nationals from getting controlled by their bosses in Foreign nations into doing unlawful exercises.

So I would state Emigration Certificate is essential for these natives with the goal that they doesn’t turn into the manikins of their bosses to do their unlawful offering for them.


NON infront of ECR fundamentally implies Emigration Check Not Required under this classification comes those subjects who have least instructive capability of Class 10 pass or some higher investigations. These subjects does not need to procure a resettlement leeway declaration from the Clearance Department.

For more data and to know the application proccess for applying for ECR or Non ECR Category of Passports tap on ECR and Non ECR above.

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